List of music service API’s and analytics websites

With so many music services out there, it can be hard for artists to keep track of all of the developer API’s and data analytics programs that each music service offers. In fact, some music platforms don’t do a great job letting artists know that these API’s and analytics websites even exist.

To help you with this, I’ve compiled a list of links to music platform sites offering official API’s and analytics tools. The list below includes API and analytics links for services such as Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, and many more.

Developer API’s versus analytics websites

Developer API’s are meant for those who are technically inclined. They allow developers to programmatically search, browse, and modify the music platform data, such as the album info, playlists, artist info, etc. They are offered by companies to allow developers (in this case that means you as an artist) to access backend features and data in their system. API’s are not web pages; rather, they are interfaces that programmers can use to mine platform data, which can then be used to create apps and web pages, or to import the data directly into another system. Many of these music service API’s are RESTful interfaces, which simply means that they can be accessed using standard HTTP commands (e.g. GET, POST, PUT) like you use when browsing the Internet. If you plan on using these API’s, you’ll probably want to know how to do some basic programming, as well as the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and JSON.

Analytic sites, on the other hand, are usually reporting websites created by music services that allow you as an artist to view lots of private details about your own sales, streams, downloads, user demographics, etc. on those music platforms. Many analytic sites allow you to create custom reports and even download your data by using user-friendly web pages.

Here’s the list of music service API’s and analytics sites

Without further ado, here is the list of official API’s and analytics websites that are offered by popular music services such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Music ServiceTypeAPIAnalytics
8tracksRadio8tracks public API (was shut down in 2015, but might be available again some day)Click the tiny "Stats" link in the upper-right of a playlist detail page you own. Alternatively, just add "/stats" to the end of the playlist URL. For example, I personally control the "Chill Factory" playlist: The stats page would therefore be located at
Apple MusicStreamingApple Music APIIf you submitted your catalog directly to Apple, you can use the analytics tools located on iTunes Connect. If you used a music distributor such as CD Baby or TuneCore, then check to see if the distributor offers analytic tools. For example, CD Baby offers Apple Music trending reports.
BandcampStoreBandcamp APIFor analytics, go to the "/stats" page using your personalized Bandcamp site URL. For example, the stats page for my account (you won't have access to, of course) is
DeezerStreamingDeezer Simple API
Google PlayStore / StreamingIf you distributed your catalog directly through Google's "artist hub," you can use Google Play Artist Hub. Or if you are a label that distributed to Google Play directly, you can use the Google Play Music Portal.
Groove Music / XBoxStreamingGroove Music API
ITunesStoreiTunes Search API (they also have a robust Enterprise Partner Feed that companies can use)If you submitted your catalog directly to Apple, you can use the analytics tools located on iTunes Connect. If you used a music distributor such as CD Baby or TuneCore, then check to see if the distributor offers analytic tools. For example, CD Baby offers iTunes trending reports.
JW PepperSheet MusicMy Score
Napster / RhapsodyStreamingNapster API Version 2.0
PandoraRadioPandora now uses NextBigSound for its analytics tools, although you can still get some other useful data, use marketing tools, and more via their Pandora AMP portal.
SheetMusicPlusSheet MusicSMP Press
SoundCloudStreamingHTTP APIYou can get stats for your SoundCloud account by going to the "Stats" page once you login. For example, the private analytics page for my user on SoundCloud is
SpotifyStreamingSpotify Web APIThe primary analytics site is Spotify for Artists. However, little did you know that there is also a much-lesser-known beta Spotify Analytics reporting site that has been around a while for labels to use; it offers more detailed play data than Spotify for Artists currently offers (but Spotify has been adding more and more features to Spotify for Artists... so maybe the beta site won't be needed eventually).
YouTubeStreamingYouTube Analytics and Reporting API'sBesides the standard analytics you can find on your YouTube channel when you log in, YouTube also offers Music Insights, a site that gives a ton of data about where and how music on YouTube is being played across ALL videos on YouTube. For example, here is the data for my artist: Isaac Shepard on Music Insights. NOTE: YouTube currently only seems to show data for artists that have a significant amount of play data... hopefully, they will continue adding more artists to the site as time goes on.

Other things to consider

If you use a music distributor like CD Baby or TuneCore to distribute your music to lots of music platforms, make sure to login to your account there and look around, since most of those systems offer analytics for their own platform and for lots of other music services that they distribute to.

There are some sites, such as NextBigSound that aggregate data directly from lots of music platforms and social sites. In fact, Pandora now offers artist data exclusively through NextBigSound. Make sure to check out NextBigSound’s other features.

Also, I intentionally didn’t include unofficial 3rd-party sites that offer similar API’s and analytic services. It would be a big list, and you can unknowingly break the terms of service for a music platform by using them. So, be careful about using 3rd-party API’s and tools.

If you know of any other official music service API’s or analytics sites that aren’t listed above, why not share them with everyone in the comments below.


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