Does SoundExchange have any competitors in the US?

Nope! Read on to find out why. If you read my other articles about Performance Rights Organizations (PROs), you’ll recall that I said that SoundExchange is a PRO in the US that collects performance royalties for your sound recordings. More specifically, SoundExchange collects digital performance royalties and pays them out to the rights owners (50%), featured artists (45%), and non-featured artists (5%).

SoundExchange is a PRO for sound recordings only.

Remember that SoundExchange is a PRO that collects performance royalties having to do with your sound recordings, as opposed to the PROs like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, which collect performance royalties having to do with your compositions. If you need a refresher about how compositions relate to sound recordings, check out my overview of the music business.

So, what about SoundExchange?

SoundExchange is the only entity [in the US] authorized by Congress to administer the statutory licenses described in sections 112 and 114 [of the Copyright Act].

Does SoundExchange have any competitors in the US?

The answer is no. Unlike BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC, SoundExchange does not have any competitors in the US. Why not? According to SoundExchange’s website, “SoundExchange is the only entity authorized by Congress to administer the statutory licenses described in sections 112 and 114” of the Copyright Act.

That may change in the future, but for now, if any digital performance royalties are generated for your sound recordings, you’ll get them through SoundExchange, unless of course you have a direct license agreement with the person or company that is performing your recordings.

What about international organizations like SoundExchange?

Which are the corresponding agencies like SoundExchange that operate outside of the US? Good question.

First off, as explained in the article about how to collect your earnings from the PROs, SoundExchange has reciprocal agreements with other agencies all around the world. This means that if you become a “member” of SoundExchange (not just “register” with them), they’ll collect your international performance royalties as well.

Luckily, SoundExchange provides us with a complete list of other agencies like SoundExchange around the world that they work with. Check out their site for the complete, updated list. As of this writing, here are some of the agencies they work with.

Make sure to get your money from SoundExchange!

If you’re in the US, make sure to both register with SoundExchange and become a member of SoundExchange to get all of your digital performance royalties and benefits. Want to learn more? Check out my post about SoundExchange and other PROs, and the process of getting your money.

Have any comments or questions about how SoundExchange works? Use the comment system below and I’ll try to answer your questions… or maybe even a helpful visitor will do the same! 😉

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